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If You're Lucky Enough to Be Different, Never Change

Suffering from a stuttering problem as a child, Jessica faced communication hurdles at a young age.
Through her discovery of music, Jessica found her form of expression while instilling a passion.

“It was difficult for me to communicate in the way that my friends were able to when I was young. When I started singing, my stuttering problem disappeared. Music strengthened me as a person, and helped me to be more comfortable with myself and the world around me.”

Growing up, Jessica was involved in local music competitions and was honored to receive lead roles in high school and college musicals.
She currently is a music teacher at a local elementary school, teaches private voice lessons and loves playing her ukulele!

Find My Ukulele Challenge Here!

I love playing the ukulele, and I love learning new cover songs! Every other week I post a new ukulele cover to my social media pages. I like to call them my Ukulele Challenges! You can find a few on here and over 100 more on my YouTube page. Check back in to see what else I've learned!

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Listen, Download and Stream my NEW EP with "Blame it on the Weatherman", "Dosage" and "Queen of Hearts"!


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